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House keeping

House Keeping Service

With few years of experience in aiding our customers in maintaining their focus over their core business by specializing in their non-core jobs.

Macro Integrated Services has earned the reputation of being one of the best companies for providing house keeping service. Though the journey has been long and hard, turning us into the full-fledged Facility Management company that we are today, we pride ourselves in being the pioneer in the market for cleaning. Hence, we take pride in the fact that we have attained recognition as one of the leading developers that aim at Excellence in Cleaning.

Our cleaning services include all types of surface. We believe that a spotless facility is always welcome for our customers and their own customers, encouraging good business relations.

As an added benefit, a hygiene assured operation guarantees a safe and beneficial environment with no chances of infection via diseases. A clean environment also improves inspiration and staff motivation.

What truly drives us forward is our unending need to attain Excellence. Over the years, we have gained knowledge and fine tuned our processes, down to each and every aspect within the area. Along with that, we believe in the utmost focus for training our staff in order to ensure a superior method of cleaning.

Cleaning Excellence

We work in close collaboration with all our customers to understand precisely what is needed to deliver Cleaning Excellence. We then create a professional, transparent cleaning solution, tailored around specific needs and requirements.

The need for clean, tidy, and inviting environments is key to a healthy and happy workplace. We provide both daily and periodical Cleaning Services. But we also have a range of special Cleaning Services, as well as industry-specific solutions.

Our Cleaning Concept
This concept includes two principles:

  1. A well calibrated calculation tool that identifies targets and determines how to measure performance against them. Conceptualised methods based on worldwide best practice to optimise quality, planning, internal efficiency, and workflows.
  2. Professional cleaning materials carefully selected for the sake of our employees, the environment, and efficiency. Sustainable quality over a longer period of time is one of the things that differentiates Macro Integrated Services from its competitors.

Understanding your business

The key drivers for cleaning span from offering well-being in offices to business-critical solutions for industries with high demands on hygiene and sanitation.

Regardless of customer requirements, MIS will have a team in place to assess needs and identify opportunities for a more effective cleaning process.

Starting with your needs
Understanding customer needs is always the starting point when the levels of service in our contract are set. Having worked closely with the cleaning industry, we bring experience to the table. We understand that all needs are unique, but chances are, somewhere around the world we have done something similar before.

All of our experience is utilised in our solution design framework, which is yet another way for us to ensure we never stray from keeping our customers' needs at the heart of everything we do.

Key performance indicators

We have Key Performance Indicators in place to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of our services, and ensure you are getting the most out of our relationship. These include assessing employee turnover rates, employee engagement, gauging customer experience / satisfaction, and service efficiency.

Additionally, here are some examples of key performance indicators for you to discuss with your service provider to ensure the performance of your current Cleaning Service setup:

  1. No. of hours of temporary workers/replacements
  2. Amount of extra work hours per site
  3. Service quality (objective measurements)
  4. Compliance to Cleaning Excellence Standards
  5. Sustainability and environmental impact (water/chemicals)