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MIS is an integrated facility service provider that aims at continuously improving the way we function along with maintaining a high standard of service excellence. Our aim to deliver the best comes from the dynamic nature of the present and emerging market demands.

Through our strategic planning, our company has been through a process of transformation through which we hold the capability of providing a well-formulated set of services that comes as a part of our integrated offering package.

We have been placed at an exceptional stand where we offer integrated facilities at both the local and national level.

Our core strategy is focused on maneuvering around this platform by aligning our organisation’s exceptional implementation service, relying on the best practices from across the world along with level business procedures. MIS endorses a reliable and upgraded commercial culture, ensuring that we have market leading value propositions from the customer segment.

By making good use of the knowledge that we've collected from a variety of industries, we are capable of handing out solutions for specific needs, thereby adding extensive value for the customer. Also, we are making our presence known by rising up to meet the demands of corporations across various segments to deliver uniform and integrated services across borders.

Our Vision

To have definitive plan for the future, we must understand what we stand for, how we aim at doing our business and why we do it. Backed by our employees, clients and customers, we aim at being the Leading Facility Service Provider across the nation.

In time, we believe that we would reach the benchmark of being the best service organisation across the globe. Along with that, we aim to be one of the best technological driven companies around the globe, taking charge with the integration of technology in our facility services.

In doing so, we would raise the bar set for ourselves for the organisation, broadening the ambitions we have set in place.

Our Mission

At MIS, we believe that taking care of our customers is as good as taking care of ourselves. That's why we aim at continuously improving ourselves in terms of providing quality services that serves your purpose. To help out with our mission, we integrate our services with the latest in technological advancements that help improve upon the quality of work that we provide. This attitude acts as a reflection of our own mission statement.

When we begin a new journey with a customer, we dedicate ourselves in our efforts to understand the purpose behind your business. That is where we train and encourage our employees to work at their best to serve you better, ensuring a positive effect on your business standard. No matter what, we want to help you focus on your own success story, and we stand as a foundation to help you make it big.